These services are optional services that can be added on to any bath/groom for an additional cost or scheduled as individual services.

Nail Trimming $15

Nail Dremel $20

Teeth Brushing $8

Blueberry Facial $8

Paw and Nose Cream $10

De-matting $15/10 Minutes

De-shedding $10/10 Minutes


Our baths include shampooing, brush out, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, early plucking if necessary, and external anal gland expression if requested and necessary. 

Breed specific grooming includes a bath and haircut/style specific to the breed. 
In the near future we will be adding to our assortment of additional services...

Nail Polish


CO2 Hydrotherapy

This service includes a sanitary trim, in addition to cleaning hair from around the eyes and trimming the paw pads. 
Our grooming services include a bath with your choice of haircut.