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"It's All About the Wag!"

Your pet’s premier salon and spa providing professional dog grooming services with all natural products, and serving Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Your Pets Are Pawsitively in the Best Hands

Our first priority is to get to know your pet and for them to get to know all of us and to get familiar with our facility.

We believe in humanity over vanity and at WagLovePets, our customers are your pets and what’s best for them comes first. We understand that each pet is different and has their own unique personality, just like us. Some are more anxious than others, some have lots of energy, while others are just as easy going as can be.

We strive to provide a fun experience for your pet each and every visit. We believe that regular grooming is essential in order to maintain a clean healthy coat as well as reduces stress as it becomes more routine for your pet.

Our Pet Parents Have Such Pawsitive Things to Say

I was so nervous about bringing our 4 month old bernedoodle to a groomer since I've heard so many traumatic stories about first grooms, but this place was absolutely FANTASTIC! Since it was her first time they just did a bath, feet face and fanny to get her acclimated and she looks and smells so great. She literally didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up and kept pulling on her leash to go give the employees/owners love. Can't wait to see her first full groom and would highly recommend this place. The love and compassion they showed to my pup was unmatched!

Michael D.

Always very personable and happy to see my fur babies. Professional and does a great job grooming them. They always look and smell wonderful once pampered at Wag Love Pets. The blueberry facial is Devine. I’m new to town and searched long and hard for the perfect groomer. I’ve found that at Love Wag Pets.

Wanda Hayter

I’m so excited I picked up TJ my maltipoo today after his first visit with Kyle and Lucas and he looks and smells fabulous!!! I have had such a hard time finding a good groomer since I moved here and now I Have yaaayyyy !!!! We are over the moon with happiness!!

Laura Edwards
Wag Love Pets

"It's All About the Wag!"

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